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Beware of the Hidden Costs for Weekly Car Rental Mississauga

Planning to hire a car on your vacation? If you think you got a great deal on weekly car rental Mississauga, think again. There are a lot of hidden costs which can make your bill go up the sky. Taxes, airport surcharges, insurance, etc are not included in the prices advertised by the car rental companies. By the time you get your final bill, the amount would have reached to a value which could have got you a new car.

Here are some of the extra hidden charges that are added to your bill, if you’re not aware of them before hiring a weekly car rental Mississauga.

We’ll help you identify the major hidden charges that can make your car rental bill skyrocket:

  1. Airport Surcharge and Taxes: Local and state sales tax are necessary and they vary with each state and county. Some countries would also charge you VAT and other charges to aid development, etc of their own country. While these cannot be avoided, you can avoid the airport surcharges. Many companies would charge you extra for an airport pick-up and drop-off, so if you want the car rental to pick you up from the airport make sure they provide the service for free. If there is no other option ask them how much would be they charge for it. A better option is to take public transport and reach the car rental outlet, which can save you up to 10% of the total car rental bill.
  2. Insurance Charges: This is one that most car rental companies would ask you for. The insurance provided by the car rental companies are referred to as loss damage waiver or collision damage waiver and this will add $30 to $40 per day on your rental bill. Before you purchase another insurance, check your existing car insurance, whether you already have coverage for car rental or not. Many credit card companies also provide coverage if you book a car rental with their card. So check all possibilities before you get an extra insurance.
  3. Early Return Fees: You might have an impression that returning the car before time would save you some extra bucks. But that might be just the reverse. Many car rental companies would charge you extra for returning before time, especially if you no longer qualify for the weekly car rental Mississauga rates. So make sure you read all the fine prints before signing a contract. Read the early return policies, cancellation policies, etc.
  4. Age Penalties: People under the age of 25 or over 70 years may have to pay extra to hire a car. Age restrictions vary with each country and car rental company, so make sure you know everything in details.

There are many other hidden charges for gasoline, extra driver, extra facilities, licensing fees and the list can be never ending. So to avoid paying a higher than you actually should, ask about the services that are included in the advertised rates. If you want extra facilities ask how much would they charge for them. Everything should be in writing in the contract.

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